06 May 2010 @ 9:47 AM 

For a guy who has spent so much time traversing America the beautiful from behind the wheel, I have been in jet planes a lot lately!

My latest venture into the clouds was for a quick trip to Boston. A  consultation with a surgeon at N.E.Baptist Hospital.

I parked my RV near a bus stop in Orlando. I jumped on the first bus to MCO (Orlando Int. Airport) to grab the 7:30 A flight. Since I have two (count’em) titanium knees, I knew TSA operatives would be putting me into the isolation booth for TOTAL  screening. And I don’t mind a bit. A single man, traveling alone with no baggage..hmmm.  Prevention in any and all forms is called for as a deterrent to the idiots who have placed a “no value” sign on life, and on their absurd religious views.

The view East from my window seat, just after sunrise was its own religious experience. The rias and estuaries of the offshore barrier islands and the low country looked like the squiggly trails of earthworms after a rainstorm. As the flight coursed northward,  the morning rays would catch the water below and turn it to shimmering gold! Anyone who questions the genesis of abstract painting should have had my aspect. Pure form; seemingly senseless and non-objective.

We arrived at Washington National at 9:30, and the shuttle for Beantown left at 10:30. Andrea was waiting for me at Logan, and we followed the Charles River to the Riverway at Huntington Avenue. The vista from the hospital grounds is spectacular, by the way….way up there on Parker Hill.

After concluding business with the medicos, we turned back toward the airport. Andrea and I had but 25 minutes to grab a quick bite at the ’99 in Revere. I boarded my next flight for Philadelphia at about 6:00 P.   Not much time with my pretty girl. And I left her in the worst of Boston traffic, to boot.

My flight from Philadelphia to Orlando left terra firma at 8:30 P, and I arrived at MCO in time to get the LAST Lynx bus up Orange Avenue to my RV.

It was dark when I started this quickee,  and dark at the conclusion. But today, it was fun to look down and to try to identify the territory and roads of which I am so familiar,  in a VERTICAL way.

Posted By: Bob
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