29 Jun 2010 @ 9:57 AM 

These are RV  Tips And Stories, right? Well the only story here is that yesterday, I drove my house to Ocoee, Florida, and left it in storage! Then got back into a plane or two (what…again?)..headed for Manchester NH.  (These should be Airline Tips And Stories)

When full-timing as long as I have been, you have everything just where you want it, and in an RV, that is usually at an arm’s-length . The pattern of daily living is often rigidly established, even though the scenery can change overnight. So it is a sea-change, and a cultural shock, to move in with family for even a temporary stretch of time. I am habituated to the rhythms of my life, and compromise is not high on my agenda, but situations dictate change. Surgery has made the New England stay a necessity, and my daughter (et vir) has adapted to have me in-house, as opposed to my parking the RV down the hill and out of sight;  a situation where I could do my usual puttering, inventing, changing and adapting with all kinds of projects….the right tool within easy reach.

An annual family-gathering has brought me to New England two weeks ahead of my pre-op appointment with the surgeon who is to do my wrist-replacement. After that date I will wait 18 days before being admitted. The post-op will occur 13 days afterwards and hopefully, if the Xrays and observation show the expected recovery….I’M OUTTA HERE! We’re talking a conservative 40 days in the unconventional world (to me) of immobility, so there are likely to be more posts to follow. No need to hold your breath.

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