16 Dec 2013 @ 11:29 AM 

I am hoping to move back to New England in the new year, to be closer to family, and to paint with my new-found friends in the plein air groups in New Hampshire and Maine.

Along the Piscataqua

Along the Piscataqua

My extensive RV traveling days are greatly curtailed now that I am more-or-less permanently settled, and am painting from a fixed location. Trips up and down the east coast will be replaced by monthly sojourns and overnight trips to paint the changing landscapes of New England and my favorite marine locations.

ShadowsI first came to Florida in 1960. From 1976 onward, I have spent the winter months here with few exceptions. I love Florida for many reasons. There are reasons to despise it, as well. But let’s not get to politics at this time. Having established a studio in Orlando, painting daily without the hassle of packing up and moving my RV continually has been a real change. I am not fully adjusted nor resigned to it yet. I long for the open road continually. But sacrifices must be made as  considerations of time and space intrude.

I am committed to the change of scene and to the opportunities that lie ahead in a new, but familiar clime. I’ll be writing more, and developing this blog so as  to share experiences with all my new friends.

Happy New Year!

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