29 May 2009 @ 5:39 PM 

Okay, you’ve had enough time. I really didn’t expect you would guess the answer to my dilemma.  How could anyone expect that the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT could be the problem? And yet, that’s exactly what I figured that it had to be, and when I made the change, …….EUREKA!

The fuel filter that is prescribed for these vehicles, and what you will be sold when you go to Auto Zone, or any other parts supplier, has a gas RETURN LINE as part of its make-up. That’s just WRONG!!!!  When your engine calls for more power (going up hills, e.g.), the throttle is opened up to run more fuel. With this filter in place, the extra fuel is side-tracked into the return line, and the carburetor is starved for what it wants to keep up with the demand. The engine runs “lean”, and begins to heat up. Everything is out-of-whack, just because there isn’t any way that the engine can get enough juice to do its thing!

When I took the OEM filter out and replaced it with the ‘straight-through’ filter supplied with the electric fuel pump, the engine couldn’t find enough hills to prove that it had been rudely blamed and abused. All the power was restored, and I am greatly relieved that I won’t be stranded for THIS reason again. Who knows what the next challenge will be?  Today, with fuel injectors working in conjunction with the computer, and no carburetors to be drained of their fuel requirements, as with the problem now solved, there is one less thing to worry about.

That is an advantage to operating a more up-to-date vehicle, I must admit!

Posted By: Bob
Last Edit: 29 May 2009 @ 05:39 PM

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