15 Jul 2010 @ 9:47 PM 

Beard Brook Hillsboro NH

There are those times, I guess, that even RV full-timers have to pause for a diversion that’s not as much fun as Disney World. That would apply to health diversions.

As you have read, my latest diversion of that sort involves surgery in New England. Here’s the rest of the story; I am going to get a total replacement of my right wrist!!!! WHAT?  (for the not-fainting-prone: You Tube>Total Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery)

I know, you’ve never heard of such a thing. Who has ?  This is new territory, folks, and the magicians undertaking this seldom-heard-of procedure are at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, Mass. This institution is on the cutting edge (pun intended) of joint replacement surgery. I have carpal tunnel problems which will also be rectified.

There are plenty of RV’ers who, in their retirement years, are feeling the effects of arthritis in their hips and knees. If you happen to be one, and are considering whether to have it done, I can recommend the results wholeheartedly. I had bilateral knee replacement six years ago (that’s BOTH knees at once). I suffered acute joint pain from osteoarthritis for years. I was prepared to have the work done 10 years before it was accomplished. My doctor at Mass.General Hospital urged me then to suspend my decision; to wait as long as I could stand it, so that the procedure would not have to be repeated (things do wear out). Six years ago, when I finally could not walk, and the job was done in Cambridge Hospital, the technology had advanced and the hardware had been greatly improved. My surgeons did a great job, and a tremendous service to me. I say, jokingly….my knees are now the best parts of me! (Titanium and teflon)

I learned to walk again in re-hab, and today I prepare for more metal. This time cobalt chrome with a polyethylene ball insert. I am anticipating the near-total ability to use my wrist and hand for bionic repairs and up-dates to my RV .

Just do it!

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