22 Jun 2013 @ 12:25 PM 

Next week I will be ‘On The Road’ to see my daughter and the rest of my extended family in New England. Andrea lives on the river at Portsmouth,NH. The others are scattered from Long Island Sound at CT’s shore, north through CT  to Boston, MA, and onward to some NH sites.

I’m not certain which vehicle to travel in.  My big van is comfortable for extended trips (this will comprise about 3500 miles) but loves to visit the gas stations enroute.  My Saturn is aged, but running well enough.  It shuns gas stations, endearing me to its valiant efforts, but it is not as forgiving of those long 600 mile days on the road  to and fro. Decisions decisions.

Either way, I will be driving on the Coastal Highway, US Route 17, for much of the trip. I leave Orlando  on US 17 and follow it up the east side of the St.John’s River to Jacksonville ( Int.4 to Int.95 if I’m in a rush),  to a gas-up in Kingsland, GA.  Next stop is a top-off in Savannah, after-which I take Interstate 95 until US17 leaves the highway for North Charleston, SC. I always fuel-up before leaving South Carolina. Maybe at Myrtle Beach (or Dillon on I95), since the petrol is the least expensive there!

Onward through Wilmington, NC and continuing all the way to Chesapeake, VA. I fill the tank there at Sam’s Club, and head toward the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel and the VA peninsula. This voyage has been on good four-lane divided highway for the most part. And the route to Wilmington,DE  is relatively easy until you join US Rte.13, where the traffic gets thick. I either head for NJ over the Delaware Memorial Bridge (free going north) or into PA and Philadelphia via I495 and I95, continuing to Princeton’s US Rte.1. That’s my choice all the way to my last fuel before New England. Edison,NJ is the best choice for price…I stop at Sam’s Club.

The route in NJ is Int.295 which parallels the NJ Turnpike, without the excessive toll burden. I leave it at Burlington and use 13 till it joins US Rte.1, and on to Edison.

Can’t wat for those views not found in Florida.      EXIF_JPEG_T422

This one will have to wait for my October trip!

Screen Shot 2011-09-26 at 11.18.33 AM

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