26 Apr 2011 @ 4:58 PM 

I’m not picking on Florida….I just happen to spend a lot of time there.  My observation pertains to other places as well, but here goes.

Maybe you have noticed what I have about driving in Florida. It doesn’t seem to matter that the roads are generally adequate to handle lots of traffic. If you are attempting to enter a road by crossing two lanes to get headed in the other direction,… you cross to the median….AND WAIT…AND WAIT…AND WAIT. The traffic may be thin, but do you think ANYONE cares that you are waiting to join the fun? They cannot be bothered to move over to where they are supposed to be in the first place. The ONLY lane they ever deign to move their precious butts in.. is the PASSING lane! So we wait.

Hence, my contention, that all the four lane roads are kind of worthless if every selfish creep is only using the left lane, and you can’t get to the right lane ’cause they won’t let you in. If it were an occasional thing you could grin and bear it with a few choice expletives sent their way. BUT  it seems to be the rule. And the police are the worst offenders…the right hand lane does not exist for the police. So the multitudes (poor drivers take note) use their example, and refuse to get-the-hell-over except when passing.

What if there were traffic cones in all the right lanes throughout the state. Wouldn’t make a lick of difference….it would just enable what is the habit, and expected practice of these NASCAR rejects. There isn’t a car they DON’T want to pass as soon, and as fast as they can. So, I guess my whole premise may be wrong!  These boobs are not just born to pass…they’re always PASSING SOMETHING…. so they don’t have to get-the-hell-over for anyone.  Makes perfect sense to me.


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